Queen’s High School recognises the need  to identify students who are talented and gifted, with the aim of providing them with in-class and with small group extension opportunities.

The philosophy of the Queen’s programme:

We believe that students should enjoy learning and there should always be a light in their eyes and the desire to be challenged. We do not want them to be bored or complacent or to settle for less than their best. Sometimes students do not realise what they are capable of achieving.

Students can be talented or gifted in one particular area such as mathematics or across subjects, or in sport or the arts, or in less tangible areas such as leadership.

Extension Types

Our Talented and Gifted Co-ordinator has the overall responsibility for developing and co-ordinating the programme.

Our approach is varied:

  • We offer opportunities for students to be withdrawn for a block of time and to join a small extension class
  • We have some core subjects timetabled together in the junior school to allow the best grouping of students for effective learning.
  • Acceleration to a higher level occurs when it is clearly beneficial to the student. There is always parental involvement in such decisions.

In-Class Opportunities

Students grouped together by ability in a subject will be regularly assessed and the teacher will include within the class programme work that is challenging and meets the needs of the most able students.

Student Support

Students who need additional support in developing organisational skills or assistance with their learning may be supported in several ways:

  • The year level coordinator will see a student regularly
  • Another teacher may provide additional in-class support
  • Reading tutors will work with a student weekly
  • Senior students may assist in lunch hours
  • Work is provided at the appropriate level for the students within a class: multi-levelling within a class meets the individual needs of all students
  • Classes are organised for ability groups
  • From Year 10 onwards courses are offered which provide for students to work in smaller groups, focusing on developing independent work habits, maintaining motivation, teaching them to be effective members of a team and developing positive social skills

Students’ progress will be monitored and goals set and reviewed.

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