'Ko tōu reo, ko tōku reo, te tuakiri tangata'
'Your voice and my voice are expressions of identity.

The study of languages provides a means of communicating with people from another culture and exploring one’s own personal world.  It instils a broader cultural understanding and acceptance of cultures other than your own.  The study of languages fosters a tolerance of others and the chance to see the world from a different viewpoint.

At Queen’s High School all of our Year 9 students study both French and Te Reo Māori. From Year 10 onwards our language classes are full-year options which are available through to Year 13. Other languages are available through correspondence, to students who already have a background in that language such as Spanish, German, Samoan and Mandarin.

Our language courses enable students to communicate in a wide range of contexts and about current issues.  Our students develop oral and aural skills, as well as reading, writing and presenting skills.

We encourage our language students to take opportunities to continue their learning outside of the classroom through exchanges, immersion camps and speech competitions.

Students who learn a second or third language acquire knowledge, skills and understandings that are important for the social, cultural, economic environmental well-being of Aotearoa.

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