Sendos Rmmo

Chose a course at Otago University in Oral Health.

Career plan – to be a Oral Health Therapist

Sendo Rmmos

In her application Sendos wrote:

Being an oral health therapist in New Zealand will allow me to contribute my language, interpretation skills, culture, religion, and community development experience to the diversity of the oral health sector. It will allow me to help people from refugee backgrounds as well as Kiwis. Being able to help people enjoy good oral health can have many wonderful benefits in their lives, from increased self-confidence to better luck at work and forming relationships. I know that a healthy smile can change a person’s visual appearance and encourage a positive mindset, which can improve not only oral health but also the body. 


Madison Sinclair

Chose a course at Otago University doing a: Bachelor of Arts and Science (Major: Chemistry & Music, Minor: Theatre Studies)

 Maddy Sinclair

In her application Maddy wrote

By furthering my education in Chemistry and Music, I can work towards gaining a career in either of my passions. I want to make a real difference with my studies, and I believe that by studying my passions I will be able to do that, whether it be by teaching others or working within either field.


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