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We look forward to meeting you, and your daughter, at Queen’s High School.

Students may enrol and be accepted at Queen’s at any time during the year. We have an open enrolment scheme and are not constrained by zones. Enrolments are not accepted online at this time, however, you are welcome to either contact us and request an enrolment pack with details of Queen’s High School and how to enrol, or download the enrolment form from the link below and drop it into the School Office.

Simply email our Enrolments Officer and we will send you a pack of information including the requirements for formal enrolment and details about school subjects and fees. For International students interested in coming to Queen’s, please note that the New Zealand school year starts in late January or early February and finishes in early December.

Any questions? Contact us using one of the methods below, we look forward to hearing from you.


Queen's High School Office
Phone: +64 3 455 7212
Email: qhs@queens.school.nz

Enrolment Pack

The Queen’s High School Prospectus is spread over four documents, and contains information about what our School has to offer your daughter – from Year 9 through to Year 13.


The Queen’s High School uniform is smart and contemporary.

A range of uniform articles allows for comfort and alternatives depending upon the weather. The uniform changed in 2016, but there will be a transition time for students with the existing uniform. Students must wear either the old or new uniform, not a mixture of both. All Year 9 students, and any students at other year levels who wish to, will be in the new uniform which is as follows:

Blazer Year 9 – 13: Mid blue (compulsory) – Purchased from Tudor Clothing
Skirt Anderson tartan pleated kilt (below knee) – NZ Uniforms
Shirt Long or short sleeve plain white shirt, with top button – NZ Uniforms
Tie Year 9 – 12: Queen’s tie – NZ Uniforms
Tie Year 13: Queen’s tie, embroidered with school crest – NZ Uniforms
Jersey Woollen mid blue, v-neck jersey. (School crest) – NZ Uniforms
Vest Woollen mid blue (optional) – NZ Uniforms
Socks White ankle socks (must cover ankles) or Black knee high socks or tights
Shoes Black hard leather lace-up shoes (conventional school shoe style)
Jacket Plain black waterproof jacket over blazer (optional – to be worn outdoors only)
Scarf Plain black (fine weave only) or Anderson tartan
PE Uniform Available from NZ Uniforms

We are very proud of our uniform and encourage all of our students to share that pride.  Queen’s High School uniform can be purchased from NZ Uniforms, Moray Place, Dunedin.

Appearance and Standard of Dress

Students are expected to wear the correct uniform at Queen’s High School.  Students are also expected to keep themselves and their clothing clean and tidy, and to present a good image of themselves to the community. Students who do not meet our standards of dress and appearance may be withdrawn from normal classes until the matter is resolved.


Hair must be a natural colour and tied back with a plain band, behind the shoulders at all times.


Polyprops or similar tops worn under a student’s shirt must not be visible.


Taonga are permitted and when worn need to sit below the collar line of a student's shirt. No other jewellery is permitted except for a named watch and two small studs in each lower ear lobe or outer ear.  Studs are to be no more than 5mm in diameter and are not to be obtrusive or obvious.

No facial piercings are permitted.


Makeup, artificial cosmetic enhancements or nail polish are not permitted.


Visible tattoos are not permitted.


The school reserves the right to determine whether a student's general appearance is not in compliance with the school uniform and dress codes. 

Our uniforms are sold by NZ Uniforms, who have a retail shop at 324 Moray Place, Dunedin. 

There is also a Uniform Shop onsite, this carries second hand uniform only. Please contact the School Office to find out the opening hours.

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