Year 9 Charitable Trust Scholarships

Year 9 Scholarship

The Queen's High School Charitable Trust Scholarships are awarded to Year 9 students who have made a significant and positive contribution to Queen’s. All recipients have displayed excellence across Academia, Sport, Cultural or Service and for many it has been a combination of more than one of these fields or indeed all of them.

Our Scholarship winners names are listed here alphabetically and include their previous school(s):

Philippa Clifton (Fairfield School)

Lini Finau (Carisbrook School)

Renee Geddes (Tahuna Intermediate)

Emily Hemopo (Kaikorai Valley)

Abby McBride (Tahuna Intermediate)

Namitha Pillai (Overseas)

October Ryalls (Taieri College)

Maia Scott (Tahuna Intermediate)

Molly Stumbles (Tahuna Intermediate)

Mila Tarasiewicz (Tahuna Intermediate)

Georgia Wilson (Tahuna Intermediate)

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