It was fantastic to have 14 wonderful ex-girls as guests at the Queen’s Pathway Planning Evening.
Each ex-girl spoke to the group about their career and the pathway they have taken. Their presentations were inspirational and created a wonderful atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the students as they plan their subjects for next year and beyond.

Back Row:
Caroline Orchiston (Higham), Lucinda McConnon, Justine Weatherall (Schmeltz, Bronwyn Billinghurst (Clarke), Amber Fraser-Smith, Kirsty Currie, Tessa McNaught.
Front Row:
Katherine Geary (Lambie) Louise Wassall (Edwards), Brenda Clark (Wallace), Tracy Bell (Walters) Sarah Latta, Ingrid Schweigman, Vivienne Seaton (Howie)


Annual Netball Challenge

After a two-year gap due to covid it was great to have the Annual Netball Challenge played between Queen’s High School Senior A and our Ex-Girls Netball Team. The game was very strongly contested, goal for goal, fast and skillful. The Ex-Girls taking the lead by just one goal at the final whistle. Umpires were Nikki Stumbles, (Sports Director) and two Year 9 student umpires who have had an excellent season, October Ryalls and Teane Ellison.Scorer and timekeeper were two very competent Year 9 students Nadia Te Kanawa and Molly Stumbles.


Back Row: Lucinda McConnon, Anita Van den Beld, Becs Edwards
Middle Row: Lana Morrison (Snr A Coach), Nikki Stumbles, Neve Clement, Kaila Geeves, Georgina Clark, Sarah Donaldson, Samantha Gray, Jennie Dawson, Tash Watson, Teane Ellison
Front Row: October Ryalls, Colleen Lyons, Janivah Moata’ane (Snr A Capt) Mili Tudreu, Holly-Denston-Swift, Mereana Martin, Penny Kershaw, Liz Campbell, Nadia Te Kanawa, Molly Stumbles
Absent: Jahliah Lousley (injured)

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