For the 2022 – 2023 year the Ex-Girls decided to award 4 $1,000 scholarships

Rosabell Fleury-Auld

Chose a course at Otago University Bachelor of Law (1st year)

Bachelor of Science (Major human nutrition. (Minor human services law and sport and exercise nutrition)

In her application Rosabell wrote:

I have applied to two different courses of study within the university of Otago, these bachelors are quite different and in completely different fields. They are both of my interests. Currently I am leaning more towards studying a Bachelor of Law, as this has always been an interest of mine especially in political and historical terms. With these qualifications, I hope to enter a corporate career.

Taryn Fox

Chose a course of first year Health Sciences at Otago University

In her application Taryn wrote:        

I have always enjoyed the study of the human body and anatomy and I am interested in first year health science as this allows me the opportunity to develop my skills in the study of medicine. I will be working hard towards getting into medical school to then become a registered neurosurgeon so I can further help others and study the causes of many diseases. 

Blaise Perry

Chose a course at Otago Polytechnic doing a Bachelor of Architectural Studies.

In her application Blaise wrote:

I have chosen to study this course because I am a very hands-on and creative person, and I would like to improve my design skills, learn new things, and bring my visions to life because in my school life I have really enjoyed DVC and want to be a registered architect at the end of my time studying. Also, I think that architecture is important because it helps to create a feel and look of a space by adding elements that meet people's requirements aesthetic needs.

Kate Williment

Chose a course at University of Canterbury for a Bachelor of Criminal Justice

In her application Kate wrote:        

I have chosen this course of study as it creates a great pathway for my desired future of joining the New Zealand Police. It will give me such a valuable insight and knowledge into the New Zealand justice system and will be so beneficial for me to reach my goals.



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