Handball is one of the biggest and fastest sports in the world.  It is physical and spectacular, but still relatively unknown in New Zealand. This means there are big opportunities for national representation.  It is an Olympic sport.  A cross between basketball, football and ice hockey, two teams of 7 compete to score as many goals as possible.  Check out the video below for a better idea. Handball is played in school gyms that have the required courts - currently all games are held at KVC.

No previous experience is needed, and it is a simple sport to pick up. Different divisions within the competition allow for a range of skill levels. 

Practices are usually held at lunchtime on a Monday and the 24 minute games are on Wednesdays between 4pm - 6.00pm.

Handball is a fast moving  and fun sport in which players work as a team of seven over two 12 minute halves.  This is a great sport to be active, develop ball-handling skills and just get active with some friends, without it being a huge time commitment.

If students wish to further develop their skills they can attend the Otago Handball Academy training sessions (these are open to all players) to further their skills.


The inter school Handball competition is played on Wednesdays after school over Terms 1 & 4.

Last year, our team of novices qualified for the playoff for 1st and second places in their grade.

Click here for the draw

Teacher in Charge

Mrs Lesley Signal-Cambridge - lesleys@queens.school.nz


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