We offer a variety of sports that allow students to compete in local secondary school competitions and New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council sanctioned competitions.

We offer support to students that want to play sports that we do not offer. This includes; information sharing, organising another school to combine with us or our students to play in their team, and one-off events or competitions.

  • Our teams aspire to  compete in regional and national competitions.
  • We supply coaches and managers for all teams. 
  • We encourage and support community coaches and student coaches to develop their skills by keeping them informed about courses and opportunities offered by the Sporting Organisations
  • It is school policy to have a staff member present at all competitions our students are involved in.
  • Uniforms are supplied for all sports.
  • All students are encouraged to play a sport.
  • We are inclusive for all students wanting to play a sport.
  • We encourage leadership and leadership opportunities through, captains, coaching, officiating and sports council.
  • We have students competing in the sanctioned Winter and Summer tournament and Junior Tournament Weeks.

We encourage students to try new sports during the Otago Secondary Schools Junior Sports Week.

Our students have had National success in Athletics, Aerobics, Ice Hockey, Football, Softball,  Surf Life-Saving, Water Polo. 

Regionally we have had representatives in Athletics, Aerobics, Hockey, Football, Futsal, Rugby, Softball, Equestrian, Basketball, Netball, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Volleyball, Water Polo, Surf Life-Saving, Rowing.

For the the 2021 Winter Sports Guide click here


Aerobics is one of the most successful sports undertaken here at Queen’s. Students can “have a go” at aerobics during a lunchtime  in Term 1. Auditions are then held to select the Queen’s team. Practices are on Wednesdays after school and on Sunday afternoon. In addition to physical skills, aerobics requires students to be committed, reliable and dedicated. Students also get the opportunity to coach.

For many years, Queen’s aerobics has been recognised for being successful regionally and nationally. We have a team of dedicated competitors and coaches who strive to achieve at a high level.


Students can compete for two organisations -  Gymnastics New Zealand Aerobics and / or New Zealand Competitive Aerobics Federation. Both organisations have regional and national competitions.

National competitions may be held in other cities throughout New Zealand.


We hold an Annual Athletics Day. This is a combination of Competitive and Novelty House Events.
We support and encourage athletes who are involved at the regional level.

We have students competing regularly in Otago, South Island Secondary School events  and occasionally at National Secondary School Events.
We have had students placed and ranked nationally.


Students who place in the top four at our Athletics Day qualify for the Otago Championships.
Placings in the top three at this event qualify them for the South Island Championships.
National Secondary Schools is an open event with qualifying times, heights and distances.

  • Competitive, Social and beginner players welcome.
  • Teams practice during Term 1 and Term 2.
  • Games held Tuesday nights 4.00pm - 5.30pm Term 2 at various venues.
  • Players are required to wear a uniform and provide their own badminton racquet.
  • The majority of the teams are graded, however, groups of friends can enter a team.
  • Competitive teams are mixed Juniors and Seniors.
  • Umpiring and organisation skills developed.
  • Additional specialist coaching is available at an extra cost.

Basketball is offered to all students.  We supply coaches for all teams and encourage expert coaches from the community.  Basketball is played on a Friday night and trainings are usually in the school gym before school or after school.

  • New players are always welcome.
  • Uniforms are provided.

Teams play in the Otago Secondary Schools’ Competition.
There are opportunities to play in the Otago qualifying tournaments and the divisional tournaments.
Players are informed and encouraged to attend regional representative trials.


Cricket is offered to all students of all abilities. Students receive coaching and play on a Wednesday afternoon in Terms 1 and 4. Students train on neighbouring Tonga Park which has cricket net facilities and an artificial pitch.


Teams play in the local Otago Secondary School T-20 competition at various venue around the city, but with the majority of games played at the Kensington oval.

Cross Country

We hold an annual Cross Country in Term 2.  Students compete for their houses. From this, students are selected to represent Queen’s in local and regional events during the winter season.

The junior girls team earned a placing at the Otago/Southland relay 2018.


Students compete in the locally run secondary schools’ events and regional championships.


There are occasional interschool equestrian events but to make up a team Queen’s riders have often combined with riders from other Dunedin schools.


Football has proven to attract reliable, committed players who work hard at developing their skills. They enjoy playing with girls across all the year levels and while some of the players play for clubs in the weekends, many are first time footballers when they play for Queen’s.

Practices are traditionally on Wednesdays, from 3pm - 4:15pm.

  • 2016-2018 the Queen’s A team has played competitively in the top division.
  • QHS Team of the Year trophy awarded to this team in 2017.
  • Lara Wall and Zoe Thomas were in the 2018  Dunedin Tech team which won the national club competition. Both these school girls were also in the Southern United Women’s team in 2017 & 2018.

The Dunedin and South Otago Secondary School Girls’ Competition is held on Thursdays at 4pm at various venues around the city, with one game each season in Balclutha a possibility.

The season usually goes from early Term 2 until the end of August.

During winter tournament week Queen’s has a football team play in the annual tournament, alternatively in Invercargill or Dunedin.


Futsal is played in the Edgar Centre in Term 1. No previous experience is needed as different divisions within the competition allow for all skill levels. Years 9 & 10 can play again in Term 4, while seniors are offered 3 weeks of games at the end of September.

Practices are usually held at lunchtime and the 25 minute games are between 4pm - 5:30pm.

Futsal is a good way to prepare for the football season or just to get active with some friends, without it being a huge time commitment.

  • Senior A - Otago Championship winners in 2017 and runners-up in 2018.
  • Senior A won the Dunedin Secondary School Girls’ Division 1 competition in 2018

The interschool futsal competition is played on Thursdays after school.


Students of all ability levels  are welcome to play hockey; those who have played previously or anyone interested in playing for the first time. Hockey provides a friendly and supportive team environment, with a focus on teamwork and enjoyment. 

Practices are typically before school on our turfed courts, under flood lights in the darker weeks of the winter term.


We play in the secondary school girls’ competition on Monday evenings, at the McMillan Turf beside the University Oval on Harbour Terrace. Games are between 3.40 - 8 pm.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast-paced and exciting sport. We play once per week on a Wednesday, and do not have additional formal practices (although there are city-wide practices run). Our team is always all-girls, but we play in the competition against boys and mixed teams.

2018 - we came in 2nd place after an exciting final against John McGlashan College B. We were the only all-girls team in the B grade competition.

We also have two students who have played representative ice hockey at a national level.


There is the option of entering in to the Tournament Week if the B grade competition is run, though this is dependent on player numbers.

Weekly school competition games are Wednesdays sometime between 5-7pm. Each game is two 20 minute periods.


Netball is the biggest sport we have at Queen’s. On average we have 10 teams every year. We have 3 teams at Year 9 and Year 10 and 4 to 5 teams in the senior school. You can play both competitive and social netball. Most teams practice once a week and the Senior A and B tend to train twice a week.We have pre season training in February and Trials are held in March.


We play on Saturdays at the Edgar Centre, and games range from 9am - 2pm.
The season goes from May to August.

Each year our Junior A, Intermediate A and Senior A teams play in the Otago Secondary School Tournament and the Senior A team competes in the South Island Secondary School Tournament which is played in various places in the South Island.

Players can also trial for representative regional  teams.


Pétanque is now offered to secondary school players on Tuesdays after school at the pétanque club facility in Mornington. No previous experience is required as instruction is given at the beginning of the season in Term 1 and then again in Term 4. All equipment is also provided at a nominal cost. The emphasis is on having fun while playing sport.


The competition is run in 2 sections. Juniors: Years 7, 8 & 9; Seniors Years 10-13.

The competition has a social, fast format (like T-20 in cricket) so each player plays four short games every week.


Rowing is a year round sport, with Terms 1 and 4 for training and regattas and Terms 2 and 3 for off-season trainings.

  • All trainings are in the morning and/or evenings.
  • Regattas are in the weekends and summer holidays.
  • Rowing is a great community event where students and their families are all involved.
  • Community expert coaches monitor the training and wellness of our rowers.

Queen’s rowing teams attends all local club and secondary schools’ regattas including South Island and national events (held in the South Island).


Rugby is played in Terms 3 and 4. Everyone is welcome, whether you have played before or not. The team has an amazing coach who is able to teach them the skills necessary to be successful and have a great time playing rugby.

Practices are on a Tuesday 3-4.30


Rugby 7’s is run during Term 2 at Logan park from 4pm. There is a senior and junior division.

  • Junior rugby 10’s is run during Term 3 at Logan Park from 4pm
  • Senior rugby 15’s is run during Term 3 at Logan Park from 4pm

Softball is offered to all students in Terms 1 and 4.   We supply a coach and manager and  encourage expert coaches from the community.  Softball is played on a Thursday afternoon at Ellis Park and trainings are usually on a Wednesday after school.


Teams play in the Otago secondary schools competition.
Players are informed and encouraged to attend regional representative trials.


Surfing is a great sport to try and despite the weather, runs all year round! 
You need to have your own equipment and be confident in the water.


The surfing ladder competition runs during Term 1 on Tuesday from 3.30pm at St Clair beach. This is a mixed competition which is split into junior and senior divisions.


  • Competitive, Social and beginner players welcome.
  • Teams practice during Term 1 and Term 2.
  • Games held Thursdays 4.00pm - 5.30pm at various venues.

Students play in the local secondary schools tennis competition.


Touch  is offered to all students.  We supply coaches for all teams and encourage expert coaches from the community.  Touch  is played on a Tuesday afternoon and trainings are usually after school.

  • New players are always welcome.
  • Uniforms are provided for seniors.  Juniors wear the PE uniform.
  • Teams play in the Otago secondary schools competition.
  • There are opportunities to play in the Otago qualifying tournaments and the South Island tournaments.
  • Players are informed and encouraged to attend regional representative trials.

Volleyball is a popular sport for students at Queen’s high school. There are currently 5 junior teams and usually 3 senior teams. Seniors play games on Monday nights and Juniors play on Friday nights, both at the Edgar Centre. No experience is needed. Games last around 45 min and it is a requirement that students need to do duty for other games. All up students are usually at the Edgar Centre for around 90 mins if they have a game and duty on the same night.

We have had students trial for Otago representative teams.


There is the general round robin competition between the various high schools in Dunedin as well as the option to trial for Otago teams. The round robin competition usually runs for Term 1 and 4, although this year (2018) it has started at the end of Term 3.


The Queen’s water polo team plays in the local secondary schools competition and games are played at Moana Pool on a Friday evening.


Students have the opportunity to be selected for Otago representative teams.

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