Athletics Day

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The annual school Athletics Day was held recently and was a real success. After having an adapted House Day in 2022, due to Covid 19, it was great to be back at the Caledonian for a full day of competition, house spirit, and fun.

The day started with the house chants, taken out by Dawson, followed by a jam-packed day of competitive and novelty events. It was great to see so many students giving the competitive events a go, while others battled it out on the field, earning house points in the novelty events.

There were many outstanding performances, including five record breaking efforts. Eve Kelleher broke the Under 14 1500 metres record in a time of 5.51 seconds (held by Sophie Robb since 2006). Malia Corson broke the Under 16 Long Jump record (held by Lara Wall in 2016), with a jump of 4.46 metres.

Jorja Gibbons had an outstanding day, breaking three senior records. Lauren Wilson has held the 100 metre and 200 metre records since 2010. Jorja broke both these, running 12.16 seconds in the 100 metres and 24.78 seconds in the 200 metres. Jorja also broke the Long Jump record with a jump of 5.12 metres (previously held by Shinay Archer in 2007).

The most exciting event of the day, the inter-house and Staff versus Prefects’ relays did not disappoint. In the junior race, Rae House took the win, while in the senior race, Ballard was victorious. The Prefect team of Samantha Gray, Annalise Macdonell, Martha McAuley, and Chloe Gray were too good for the staff team.

Age Group Results

Under 14

1st Hannah Scott

2nd Aurora Wills

3rd Eve Kelleher

Under 15

1st Mila Tarasiewicz

2nd Molly Stumbles

3rd Madi Glossop

Under 16

1st Malia Corson

2nd Manea Renata

3rd Billie Askerud


1st Jorja Gibbons

2nd Neve Darlington

3rd Sarah Donaldson

House Points

1st Rae

2nd Dawson

3rd Ballard

4th Pickering

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