Attention Senior Students



Information about the end of the year and NCEA.

Information regarding the next few weeks.

Last day for classes is Monday 4th November. P3 will be a special assembly for all senior students. During the afternoon those receiving prizes at the Academic Prizegiving will have a rehearsal. Those who are not attending will be able to go home on study leave.

Subject teachers will be available for tutoring in their normal class time during  the next few weeks. They will let their classes know when this will be. The Information Centre will be available for silent study as well.

Students need to come in full school uniform for the exams, however, if they are coming in to study they can wear mufti.

Students please make sure that you have cleared out your lockers and returned your keys to the office before you leave.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding your daughter and examinations please contact the school.

NCEA exam timetable.

If you are sitting digital exams please read the information below. 


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