Queen's High School Girls' Shed

Students in Year 10 DVC, along with some senior students, are working hard to develop their designs for our soon to be built Girls’ Shed.

The plans are all due for submission by the end of the holiday break. Once the plans are in, Zolna - the Design Manager at Naylor Love, will work with the students to give them feed-back and advice for advancing and finalising their designs, so they are ready for judging and selection this term.

What a wonderful heritage for a student to leave at the school - a building built to their own design!!

We are very grateful to the many individuals and organisations who are supporting this project, including Otago Polytechnic and Naylor Love staff, who will work with the students to train them in the skills of project management, quantity surveying and pricing of a building project.

You can see from the image the quality of work being produced by our Year 10 DVC students.


School-wide literacy has been an ongoing focus at Queen’s for more than five years. 

We are continuing to develop and use literacy strategies across the curriculum. Professional development opportunities are offered during the year.

A sample of what has been achieved so far:

  • Subject vocabulary lists and literacy strategies for effective and accurate text book reading
  • Daily fifteen minute reading at the beginning of Period 2 in all Year 9 and Year 10 subjects
  • Promotion of personal reading
  • Reading challenges


School-wide numeracy is a major focus at Queen's High School, with the aim to have all of our students able to transfer their mathematics skills confidently and successfully across the curriculum.

Future directions: The teacher responsible for school-wide numeracy will work with teachers and departments providing assistance and strategies to use ‘common mathematics’ language across the curriculum.

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