Queen's High School Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees consists of five trustees elected every three years by parents of students in the school, along with the Principal and one staff representative elected by the school staff.   The Queen’s High School Board of Trustees members have a variety of skills and experience, which enable the Board to successfully fulfil its governance responsibilities.

The role of the Board is to provide sound governance in the best interest of our students and community.  Communication between our Board of Trustees, school personnel, parents and the wider community, results in positive differences being made to our students’ achievements.

The aim of the Queen’s High School Board of Trustees is to support the provision of quality education, fostering the development of individual potential, a love of learning and responsible citizenship, to empower young women for life.

The current board is made up of: Jude Molyneux (Chairperson), Barbara Agnew (Principal), Jacqui Earland (Staff representative), Damaris Dumitrean (Student representative), Michelle McDonald (Rūnunga representative), Scott Currie, Mona Nafatali, Jay Cooper, Angela Wilson (Parent representatives).

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