Dunedin, Otago

Otago is the jewel in New Zealand’s crown. It is the most diverse and spectacular province in New Zealand – unspoiled and sparsely populated. There are beautiful surf beaches on the east coast and the Southern Alps in the west. In between are fertile farmlands, viticulture, mountains, lakes and rivers.  Central Otago is a heart of adventure tourism – white water rafting, bungy jumping, skiing, fishing, tramping, holidaying. Otago has something for everyone.

The gateway to Otago is the city of Dunedin. Its population is around 120,000 – it is small, safe, beautiful and friendly.   It was established in the mid 1800s from the spoils of the Central Otago gold rush.   One of the greatest legacies left by the pioneers was education. It is home to the University of Otago, the oldest in New Zealand.  The city boosts a number of magnificent churches, buildings and educational facilities. It is also home to Queen’s High School. Queen’s was established in 1955 and since then has played a significant role in the history, culture and education of this beautiful city.

Queen's High School

Queen’s High School combines a tradition of remarkable achievement with a modern approach to education. It is in the enviable position of being able to provide the near perfect learning environment. This is achieved because of the excellent teachers, relatively small class sizes, location and modern facilities.

Queen’s is all about ‘Empowering Young Women’. It does this through intellectual excellence. It strives to encourage and support the young women both in and out of the classroom. The principles of honesty, simplicity, respect and concern for others are all part of the school’s heritage.

The high calibre of teachers, excellent laboratories, workshops, classrooms, gymnasium, music suite as well as access to expansive playing fields contribute to maintaining the school’s reputation for excellence in learning and success.

Academically Queen’s offer a comprehensive and diverse variety of learning options – from music, art and drama right through to the more traditional subjects like English, maths and science. Outdoor education is also included in the school’s curriculum. Kayaking, surfing, tramping, skiing and biking are just some of the activities offered.

Outside of the classroom there are over 30 different sporting and outdoor activities offered at Queen’s. The students at Queens make a significant contribution to community in which it belongs.

The young women at Queen’s are encouraged to achieve intellectual excellence and to participate in the numerous non academic opportunities. Queen’s is widely recognised as a leader in hosting and supporting students from around the world. It provides a very safe and very supportive learning environment. Queen’s High School – it is beautifully unique.

International Students

International students may enrol and be accepted at Queen’s at any time during the year. We have an open enrolment scheme and are not constrained by zones. Enrolments are not accepted automatically online, however, you are welcome to either contact us and request an enrolment pack with details of Queen’s High School and how to enrol, or download the enrolment form from the link and send it to our Director of International Students, Principal Barbara Agnew.

We are happy to send you a pack of information including the requirements for formal enrolment and details about school subjects and fees. For International students interested in coming to Queen’s, please note that the New Zealand school year starts in late January or early February and finishes in early December. We look forward to meeting you, and your daughter, at Queen’s High School.

International students interested in coming to Queen’s High School, please note that the New Zealand school year starts in late January or early February and finishes in early December.

Any questions? Contact us using one of the methods below, we look forward to hearing from you.


Ms Barbara Agnew
Queen's High School
Phone: +64 3 455 7212 ext. 810
Email: barbara@queens.school.nz

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