2024 Bus Information

Important information for bus users.

To get the latest information on fares and timetable go to the Otago Regional Council website.

Fares are cheaper with a Bee Card, when you load your child concession.

You can pay on the bus, but with CASH only.

Do you plan on catching the bus to school next term?

It's a good idea to look at the bus timetables in advance and plan your route. For up to the minute alerts on bus disruptions on specific routes on your mobile, download the Transit app or go to the ORC public transport web page "Notification and Alerts"

If you haven't caught a bus before, check out this information on the Otago Regional Council website.



Written parental consent is needed for the use of a car, motorbike or scooter.

  Sandymount, Waverley, Andersons Bay - Go Bus:  474 6650
  Tickets available from the school office. $20.00 for 10 trips $2.00 single trip.
To Queen's  
7:45am Ridge Rd, Sandymount Rd, Highcliff Rd and stops at Pukehiki Hall (opposite Camp Rd) 
8:00am Pukehiki Hall, continues to Highcliff and Karetai Rd. Stops at Barton Hill House Rapid 602, continues on Highcliff Rd, McKerrow St, Larnach Rd, Mathieson St, Grants Braes School, Belford St, Dunrobin St, Larnach Rd, Marne St, Somerville St to Bayview High School. Through to Tainui Rd, Marlow St and Tahuna Intermediate School. Culling St, Victoria Rd, Forbury Rd and Bay View Rd.
8.35am Arrives Queen's High School on Bayview Rd outside PAC
From Queen's  
3:10pm Departs Queen's High School from Bayview Rd outside PAC via 
  Hill Suburbs - King's High School chartered bus through Ritchies
  Tickets available from King's High School office.  $35.00 for 10 trips. 
To Queen's   
7:45am Departs cnr Wakari Rd & Helensburgh Rd, Balmacewen Rd, Pilkington St to Passmore Crescent  
 7:45am Passmore Crescent, via Grater St, Balmacewen Rd, Highgate, Stuart St
8:00am Taieri Rd, end of Wakari Rd, via Taieri Rd, Three Mile Hill Rd, Dalziel Rd, Brockville Rd (Bus stop opposite Brockville School), continues down Brockville Rd, Kaikorai Valley Rd, Barr St via Elgin Rd, Mailer St, Eglington Rd
8:25am Arrives Queen's High School on Bayview Rd outside King's High School
From Queen's  
3:10pm Departs outside the Technology Suite at King's High School, Bayview Road.
The Otago Regional Council have provided High Schools in Dunedin with the following details to assist students travelling to and from school each day.
Catching the public network bus to school is different from catching a dedicated school service, so parents/caregivers and students need to be aware of the changes to help account for longer journey times. Gaining an understanding of the new routes and transfers will be vital to ensuring a smooth journey for all students.  
To assist families to navigate their journey go to: www.orc.govt.nz/OrbusDN or call 24/7 0800 ORBUSDN (0800 672 8736).
The cost per trip is $1.20 for 5 to 18 year olds (this includes getting on and off buses for the same journey).
Recently announced were route extensions in its Dunedin public transport network to support school students travelling via Green Island to Kaikorai Valley College, King’s and Queen’s High Schools. There is also an extra morning bus service for students in Waitati and Warrington. Departing from outside Warrington School on Ferguson Street at 7.35am and runs via Evansdale and Waitati, arriving at the bus hub at 8.10am.
Route 40C – servicing King’s, Queen’s and Bathgate Park schools – will offer a Green Island connection. The morning service will depart Green Island at 8:00am, and the afternoon will depart from Bathgate Park School at 3:15 pm. Green Island will be a key transfer point for students travelling on these services.
Some key details to be aware of:
Students require a Bee Card or CASH to pay for fares on buses.
Students need to be aware that if they register a Bee Card ensure it is a youth (5 to 18 year old) concession making the fare cheaper. Students do not get a discount by displaying their ID.
A Bee Card can be purchased and topped up at a number of locations including ORC, DCC centres and libraries.
To learn more about the Bee Card system and FAQs, please go to the following link: www.orc.govt.nz/public-transport/bee-card-the-smart-bus-card/faqs

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